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Backyard Washing


Never touch a dirty bin again

  • Power Wash recycles/trash bins inside & Out

  • remove dirt and grime from every nook and cranny

  • Blasting water while pairing it with a disinfectant kills all festering bacteria promoting true cleanliness.

  • Deodorize each container using an eco-friendly deodorizer, leaving them smelling fresh and clean.




  • Home driveway - Detail all size driveways in the valley. We remove oil stains from concrete using bio-degradable enzymes and degreasers. We remove rust stains from car batteries and remove tire marks from vehicle parking.

  • Exterior Home washing - Restore the look of your home by remove all cobwebs, bird waste, dirt and much more. We do this with low pressure and soft washing techniques that will not damage or etch the exterior of your home.  

  •  Pool decks/Patio - Power wash around entire pool deck and sanitize pool decks with 240 degree steam to ensure we kill all bacteria and germs. Power wash Patio to restores concrete, brick, or pavers for a original finish. Removing dirty, gum & any debris.

  • Solar Panels - There are many external influences that cause solar panels in Arizona to become dirty, including dust, dirt, pollutants in the atmosphere, bugs, spider webs and bird droppings to name a few. Detailed carefully with low pressure water, scrubbed and squeegee for a spotless finish.

Solar Panels on Rooftop
Commercial Power Wash


Squeaky Clean Solar 

  • Regular solar panel cleaning helps maintain a well-functioning solar system and ensures maximum power (kW) output and savings in your pocket. Don’t let the thousands of dollars invested go to waste. 

  • We use the highest quality pure reverse osmosis deionized water which provides environmentally friendly superior cleaning power.

  • Carefully scrub panels with proper equipment to remove any bird poop & debris

  • Squeegee every panel for a streak free glass & providing you with a squeaky clean solar system 



  • Business Building - Pressure wash buildings, walkways, dumpster pad, parking structures, shopping carts, play area, picnic areas and much more

  • Building washing

  • Concrete Power washing

  • Side walk gum removal

  • Fleet washing

  • Parking garage

  • Business parking lot

  • Special request just call, no job is to big or tall enough for us.

Boat Detailing


Boat Edition 

Maintaining your vessel’s value and appearance is immensely important. Boats and other marine vehicles lose their value quickly if not well maintained. 

  • Hand wash entire watercraft 

  • Wax entire watercraft 

  • Polish with premium dressing

  • Polish any Crome/vinyl finishes 

  • Detail entire interior top to bottom, every crack & crevice. 

  • Dress entire cockpit with premium & approved products 

No vessel big enough for spotless cruzin​


Gun range ready

Sonic cleaning services are sought out because of its effective process. Cleaning takes place in a stainless-steel tank containing a sonic cleaning solution formulated for particular cleaning tasks.

  • Firearm is carefully taken apart by a professional 

  • place all parts appropriate for sonic cleaning

  • high pressure air to remove all liquid from firearm

  • Assemble and lubricate for a gun range ready firearm.

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