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Basic Maintenance Wash

  • Exterior hand wash (2 bucket method)

  • Hand wash rims

  • Proper drying of vehicle to prevent all watermarks

  • Premium tire dressing

  • Interior dusting

  • Interior wipe down

  • Basic interior dressing

  • Interior & Exterior glass cleaning

  • Vacuum interior

  • Choice of a Little Tree car scent 

  • * Add on $15 Pet hair removal*

* Extra messy fee evaluated upon arrival

   Starting at $59.99



Expert Interior Service

  • Detail all cracks, crevices, & panels

  • Dress dash and center console

  • Clean windows, mirrors, & sunroof

  • Freshen and Rejuvenate leather seats

  • Detail glove box & center console

  • Steam Clean door panels,Steering Wheel, & Center console 

  • A/C vents dusted & detailed

  • Vacuum all interior, including spare tire compartment & trunk

  • Pet hair removal

Choice of Little Tree car scent (VIP Clients are able to hand select from our premium car fragrances)

  • Add on “Top life leather coating” for 25% off

* Extra Messy Fee” evaluated  upon arrival

Starting at $139.99



Expert Exterior Service

  • Spotless Hand wash using a new wash mitt for every panel of your vehicle to prevent any scratches 

  • Spotless & proper cleaning of wheels, wheel wells & rims

  • Treat tires, trim, & grill with premium exterior dressing

  • Spotless door jambs & inside fuel door detailed

  • Clean & shine exhaust tips

  • Exterior glass cleaning

  • Apply premium spray wax

Add on “Clay & Polish” for 25% off

Starting at $99.99



“The complete package”

  • Spotless Exterior package

  • Spotless Interior package 

De-odoriferous & freshen up interior 

  • Clean & dress vinyl and plastic trim around entire vehicle 

  • Windshield Glass Coating for easy bug removal & water repellent for better visibility

  • Superior ceramic coating spray applied to entire vehicle, providing vehicle with a layer of a protective coating that can last for months on end. 

  • Request Paper Mats for new car feel 

  • Add on Engine bay detailing for 20% off 

* extra messy fee evaluated upon arrival

Starting at $149.99



Engine Bay detailing

  • Get rid of all loose dirt & dust

  • Apply degreaser & scrub the hood’s underside

  • Carefully apply degreaser & scrub rest of the bay

  • Apply proper dressing to hydrate all rubbers & plastics to prevent any drying out, cracking and leaving a brand new look to your engine




Clay bar, Polish & Rims Ceramic coating

  • Lubricate entire vehicle to remove contaminants,overspray, water marks & oxidized paint

  • Clay bar entire vehicle top to bottom for a smooth paint finish

  • Add high-quality rim ceramic coating designed specifically for your wheels. Protect the finish of your wheels from road grime, salt, brake dust, and high temperatures to keep them looking new and easy to clean.

  • Followed by a premium polish for a flawless cruzin

Starting at $199.99​



Top Life Leather Coating

  • Will help prevent UV rays, Dye transfers, friction damage, staining, cracking/fading & easy clean up for liquid spills

  • Apply “Colorlock” mild leather cleaner to all seats & leather panels inside entire vehicle 

  • Apply “Colorlock” top coat, prepare for a good bound with leather coating!

  • Apply top life coating evenly to all leather seats for a 12 month Protection !

  • Safe for all seats including ventilated seats

  • *Recommended for new leather or leather seats undamaged.

Starting at $199.99​



Windshield Chips, Cracks, Bulll's-Eyes and Stars repair

  • Helps minimize the appearance and stop the spread of chips and cracks in your windshield

  • Air removal from the break, then filled with durable resin to make it even stronger than before.

  • *Works best on round damage not more than one inch in diameter, and cracks not longer than 12 inches. (Will not repair damage to more than one layer of glass)




Power washing services, Solar panel cleaning, recycle bin cleaning & more

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